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Buffet Cancer Center

Commonwealth is thrilled to present one of its most innovative projects, The Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.

First National Bank Tower

Commonwealth is proud to present one of our Premier projects, First National Bank Tower.
Buffett Cancer Center

Buffett Cancer Center

Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest (CECM) has completed its three-year construction of the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center located in midtown Omaha, Nebraska. Nearly all $35 million of the electrical construction – including power, lighting and...

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UNO Baxter Hockey Arena

UNO Baxter Hockey Arena

The Omaha, NE location Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest (CECM) has completed the construction of the 200,000 square foot Baxter Hockey Arena for The University of Nebraska Omaha. The arena has been designed to be easily converted for other sporting events,...

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Current News
Neil Davidson Promoted to Executive Vice President

Neil Davidson Promoted to Executive Vice President

I am excited to announce the promotion of Neil Davidson to Executive Vice President. Neil's current duties and responsibilities will remain primarily the same. However, he will begin to engage with the company on a more regional scale. Neil will continue to manage and...

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Commonwealth is so proud to be one of many 100% Employee Owned companies. An ESOP instills a company culture of shared responsibility, mutual respect, and commitment to improve and grow our company with each and every workday. Everyone is an owner, so everyone has some skin in the game. This has translated into higher levels of productivity, marketplace success, employee retention, and at its core: pride in being an owner.

Despite the uncertainty of the world today, Commonwealth continues to stay connected and united as a company. Every day, we are finding new and creative ways to maintain a hardworking and positive attitude. Please enjoy this message from our President, Michael Price, as well as some of our employees. Though things change everyday, there is one thing that will always remain true: We are Commonwealth Strong.

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Over 15 years ago, a team of Commonwealth employees were challenged to create a vision statement for the company: what we did, how we did it and why we did it. Starting with long dissertations, the team drafted and revised the statement down to just three words: Committed to Excellence. It has been a staple in our company ever since, serving as our purpose, our cause and our passion. It’s in our letterhead, our tools, our equipment, our marketing materials and hopefully it’s always on the tip of your tongue.