Apprentice Appreciation from Omaha

Dec 17, 2019

Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest – Omaha held its 2nd Annual Apprentice/CW/Cabler Appreciation Event on Wednesday, Aug. 28th. Once again, this event was held in the fabrication shop and Troy Savich and his team had the place looking great prior to the arrival of our guests.

The Omaha office takes this time to show this group appreciation for a job well done. Parker’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Q was brought in and drinks were also provided. We had a good response to our RSVP request and had 57 of our Apprentice/CW/ Cablers attend the appreciation event. We also had an additional 20-25 office staff members come to show their support for this group.

Ron Castro, Field Operations Manager, addressed the group and emphasized the importance that each Apprentice, CW and Cabler plays in the overall success of Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest. Neil Davidson, Branch Manager, followed Ron’s talk and delivered a message of his own. Delivering an overall message of appreciation and genuine care for this group and for their future with CECM, Ron and Neil both spoke on the importance of showing up to work on time, practicing good communication with their Foreman, and working hard every day – in essence, being the best in all that we do.


Commonwealth believes developing this group into well-rounded electricians and growing our bench strength for the future. We know that the best companies have the best Apprentices to help them go the distance. We feel by developing our people, while they are in the Apprenticeship Program, with all our industry-wide projects, we’ll be ready for unexpected occurrences that happen all the time. We know it will lead to an increase in employee retention, cultural fit and adaptability. Expected growth has always been the plan, and we feel the only way to do this is to embrace our Apprenticeship program. It is our intent to provide a safe working environment that fosters the empowerment, team building, and growing of great employees.

All Apprentices/CW’s/Cablers in attendance also had a chance to win a gift during our raffle
give away. Each member who attended also received a hoody & a t-shirt made specifically for this appreciation event.

Walking away from our event, our guests of honor left here understanding they have a bright future with Commonwealth. They are clear on the vision of where we are going and understand what a special time it is for them to be in the trades.

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