Intern Spotlight – Bekah Nelson

Jul 21, 2023



School: University of Nebraska – Omaha    

Internship: Project Manager

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Supervisor: Casey Huff

Bekah has been on our team supporting the development of a 5-building data center campus encompassing over 2.5 million square feet located in East Mesa.  Her responsibilities include processing the Labor Attraction Retention Program for reimbursement, processing material requests, tracking procurement with field staff, scheduling our subcontractors with coordination of job schedule demands, and assisting with new hire setup.  We are performing multiple scopes outside your typical electrical contract, where this will provide a better understanding of the importance of field coordination.


It’s exciting to see Commonwealth invest towards an internship program allowing them to connect classroom knowledge to real-world experiences and taking their skills into our workforce.” – Casey Huff | Sr. Project Manager


About Bekah


Where are you from?

Auburn, NE

What school are you attending?

University of Nebraska at Omaha

After graduation what is your dream job and what state would you like to be in?

My dream job would be to deal with renewable energy somewhere outside of Nebraska. Do you Do you have a secret skill?


Favorite Quote:

She believed she could, so she did.

Favorite book, T.V. show, or movie:

TV Show: New Girl

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