CECM Installs Small Cell Projects

May 19, 2020

Commonwealth Communications has been partnering with Pierson Wireless to install small cellular antenna equipment on light and utility poles throughout Iowa. These projects are increasing in number and show no sign of slowing down in the next few years.

Just look around you in most metro and urban areas and you will see small cellular antenna equipment being installed on street lighting poles and buildings. These low-power antennas are being installed to relieve traffic from existing regional large-scale cellular towers. In areas where high concentrations of people gather, such as stadiums, malls, concert venues, etc.,
these antennas provide additional access to the cellular network. Another reason for the large demand for the antennas is to assist with supporting the eventual 5G network deployment. Since each antenna can only support a single wireless carrier, each carrier such as Verizon, AT&T or CenturyLink must install antennas in identified areas. With each carrier having a need to provide the small cell service, the amount of these installations numbers in the thousands throughout the state.

With Foreman Technician Joe Schaff leading the field team, each site may require coordination of installing the power supply and the optical fiber service to the antenna equipment from a source near the pole. The installation may also include providing a new concrete pole base, installing the new pole, directional boring conduits, installing a new light fixture at the pole, installing
the new antenna equipment and making connections to all radios and antennas on the pole. The field team consists of Technician Derek Smith, Technician Matt Kirby, Installer Michael Oliver and Electrician Cory Schmidt.

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