Class Is in Session: Corporate Estimating Holds Training Classes

Feb 28, 2024

By Nick Manes – Project Estimator | Corporate Estimating

This December, the temperature may have been dropping, but things were heating up in the Corporate Estimating Training Facility following a successful McCormick Software and Estimating Class. Hosted by Senior Project Estimator Nick Page, six participants from across Commonwealth’s Midwest branches converged in Lincoln, NE, for a two-week course aimed at learning the ins and outs of the McCormick Estimating Software and the Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest (CECM) Estimating Core Processes and Procedures. This was the third class of 2023 as part of an ongoing effort to educate and develop the teams across the company.

In February, Page and Estimating Manager Brian Millard headed to Salt Lake City, UT, to visit Rydalch Electric, Inc. to conduct the fourth class of the ongoing series. By bringing employees together for this class, Page was able to educate McCormick Software users through hands-on, real-world projects.

During their time in Lincoln and Salt Lake City, participants worked on numerous projects, ranging from a small cell phone service provider location to a large corporate office for a general contracting company. Page integrated competitive aspects into the course to keep participants engaged and vying to graduate at the top of their class.

As classes continue, the goal is to have the entirety of Commonwealth adhere to a standard, uniform estimating procedure through the McCormick Software platform. This consistent product elevates our commitment to mastery while creating reliable and dependable estimates for customers and branches.

“The McCormick estimating class was the best experience. Nick is an amazing instructor and really gives you all the tools to be successful. He adapts to every learning ability and takes the time so you know the why behind the what. The atmosphere is also simply amazing! It is a fun and engaging environment to be in. I feel as if I learned so much and enhanced my personal skill set. Nick and Brian are first-class and give you everything you need to enhance personal growth for oneself and the company.”

-Ethan Price, Project Manager Intern

Back Row (L to R): Dan Ramsdell, Matt Sarcone, Mitchell Shaw, Ethan Price, Nick Page.

Front Row (L to R): Rodrigo Venegas, Eric Bradley.

Senior Project Estimator Nick Page guides participants through estimating a project using the McCormick Estimating Software.

The Rydalch Electric, Inc. team attends the training session in Salt Lake City, UT.

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