Commonwealth Holds Electrical Safety Month Events

Aug 20, 2023

Corporate Safety Manager Nick Hansen talks to the crew at a project in Lincoln, NE.

By: Todd Longenecker – Safety Director

Here at Commonwealth, safety is one of our top priorities. This May, Commonwealth celebrated Electrical Safety Month across all our locations. Each of our teams held events at their branches, both to thank our employees for their dedication to building a safe working environment and to share information related to safety.

Below are some details on the events each location held:

  • Des Moines, IA: Many of Commonwealth’s jobsites hosted site safety lunches, with discussions on electrical safety and relevant accidents.
  • Omaha, NE: Many jobsites hosted site safety lunches and safety discussions. One jobsite, in particular, had a turnout of more than 100 employees and featured barbeque, ice cream, games, a raffle, and more.
  • Lincoln, NE: Many jobsites hosted their own safety lunches, with discussions on safety. Our team also spent an afternoon at a gun range, with a lunch and discussion on safety.
  • Greater NE: Sites across our locations in Columbus, Kearney, and Grand Island hosted safety lunches with discussions on safety.
  • Phoenix, AZ: Our team hosted a grill out with a discussion on safety. They also had a dunk tank!
  • Tucson, AZ: Our team hosted a grill out with a discussion on safety and a cornhole tournament.
  • Rydalch Electric Inc. in Salt Lake City, UT: Safety lunches were held, with involvement from the local leadership team at each one.

In addition to these events, all our employees were provided with a t-shirt to help celebrate. Not only was this month a great time to reflect on the importance of safety policies, but it was also a great chance to come together as a team!

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