Des Moines Service Team Upgrades International Airport

Oct 1, 2023

By: Jenae Frisch – Project Coordinator | Des Moines

Longtime Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest (CECM) in Des Moines customer, the Des Moines International Airport, has hired CECM for several projects. One project involves installing three new electric vehicle chargers. The new chargers are being installed for the onsite buses that transport people from various parking lots to the airport entrance. This project’s aim is to become more energy efficient while also cutting costs.

Another project involves upgrading the security equipment at the airport’s TSA checkpoint. The TSA aims to increase safety for all passengers by improving their checkpoint screening capabilities.

Both projects are being led by Service Manager Tom Washington and Service Foreman Chase Kohler. We are excited to continue our partnership with the Des Moines International Airport on future projects.

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