Intern Spotlight: Morgan Micek

Jun 10, 2024

Meet Morgan!

Where are you from?
Lincoln, NE

What school are you attending?
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

What is your department and primary office location?
Project Management | Lincoln, NE

After graduation, what’s your dream job? Where do you hope to be?
My dream job would be to work as a Construction Manager and to stay in the Midwest—but mostly Nebraska. I want to stay in the electrical side of construction, so preferably electrical contracting since that’s what interests me the most.

What are your CliftonStrengths Top 5?
Positivity, Futuristic, Empathy, Consistency, and Analytical

Do you have a secret skill?
I can play a little bit of guitar.

What is your favorite quote?
“There is no tomorrow!” –Apollo Creed (Rocky III)

What is your favorite TV show, movie, or book?
My favorite TV show is Breaking Bad.

Welcome aboard, Morgan! We’re so excited to have you on our team!

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