Keeping the Culture: A Look at the CECM Corporate Culture Committee

Feb 20, 2024

By Nick Manes – Project Estimator | Corporate Estimating

For many years across Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest, our branches have taken the initiative to build a positive and engaging culture for both our employees and their families. During the summer of 2023, the Corporate Office in Lincoln, NE, formed a Culture Committee to focus on the office’s culture by planning and implementing engaging activities that emphasize fostering a positive, fun, and inviting work environment.

Throughout the year, the Corporate Culture Committee hosted several events, providing opportunities for employees and their families to engage with one another, including an evening at Roca Berry Farm and Pumpkin Patch in October, a Thanksgiving potluck in November, and a casino-themed Christmas party in January.

This past year was an incredibly prosperous one—not only for Commonwealth as a company but also for Commonwealth’s culture. As a company grows, it is bound to experience both the positives of expanded responsibilities and the negatives of growing pains and obstacles. However, with the right people in the right places and with the continued faith and trust of the employees in our culture, we know that our future is strong and true.

On behalf of the Corporate Culture Committee, cheers to a great year and an even better 2024!

Employees and their families roast hot dogs at Roca Berry Farm and Pumpkin Patch.

Attendees at the Corporate Christmas party enjoy a game of Bingo.

The Corporate Culture Committee celebrates a successful Christmas party.

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