Raising the Flag at the Corporate Office

Jul 8, 2021

On June 29th, multiple Commonwealth employees and guests stood outside of the CECM Corporate office building to witness the raising of the American flag. A joint Honor Guard team from posts all across Lincoln conducted the raising of the flag, which was an exciting moment for all to watch.

The ceremony began with an audio message discussing the importance and history behind the American flag, followed by the raising of the flag and the playing of the national anthem. David Theisen, Commonwealth Electric’s Fleet and Tool Manager, concluded the ceremony by providing more insight into the symbolization behind the American flag and thanking the Honor Guard team members for assisting with the event.

David played a huge role in the formation of this event, and everyone here at the Corporate Office is so grateful he put the time and energy into recognizing the strength of our nation and those who have served. David himself is a 20-year United States Air Force veteran, and had this to say at the event:

“This means a ton to me…knowing that I work for a company that values the United States flag and its veterans that it has working for them.  This is a great symbol of the type of employer Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest is.”

The flagpole was recently installed by our own Commonwealth employees that are employed out of our Lincoln branch. Thank you to Paul Hoegemeyer, Tyler Stuart, Vince McClement, Stacy Markel, and Kevin Lugenbeel for setting the foundation to make this event possible. The flagpole located at our Corporate Office is just one of many flag poles located at Commonwealth Electric locations across the Midwest and Southwest. CECM President Michael Price has been determined to place a flagpole at each of our locations to honor our country, those who have served, and the many veteran Commonwealth employees.

Thank you to David and every other individual who attended or assisted in the creation of this event, and thank you to those who have served and continue to serve our country. You can view the whole ceremony here: https://youtu.be/ue5UUpTnlsE.

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