Security Systems Solution

May 26, 2020

Commonwealth Communications’ Omaha office has been continuing to grow in both size and innovation.  The Omaha team is pleased to share that they recently completed their largest campus-wide security installation and integration of a sizable multi-campus higher education organization in western Iowa. The security team spent a substantial amount of time up front assisting with the design and budgeting to help the customer attain the funding needed to be able to implement an overall security upgrade for all their facilities. Utilizing products and engineering support from their best of breed manufacturers, they were able to design state of the art video and access control systems, which fully integrate to their existing campus -wide notification systems.

Once this 18-month project was completed, it not only provided a robust security systems solution, but also the ability to have automated functionality to notify all staff and students (both on and off campus) of any imminent  threats in real time. Utilizing pre-programmed threat levels, the campus now can lock down and notify everyone of several different types of danger from both console and remote applications. These threat levels not only apply to possible security threats, they also encompass several other potentially life-threatening scenarios such as fire, inclement weather and gas or chemical exposure. As a first line of defense, the main campus has also incorporated License Plate Recognition, which is able to tie to multi-jurisdictional databases, to help identify potential threats as they enter the campus. The project attracted national attention as it was published in the March 2020 issue of Security Sales and Integration.

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