Intern Spotlight – Thomas Gokie

Jul 31, 2023



School: University of Nebraska – Lincoln    

Internship: Automation with Engineering

Location: Lincoln

Supervisor: Josh Muensch

Thomas is an intern that came to us in the spring, after finishing his first year at UNL, studying Electrical Engineering.  He is primarily helping in our automation department. He has been using AutoCAD Electrical to create schematics and panel layout drawings for several projects that we worked on over the summer. He has not only completed several of these projects, but is also documenting tips and tricks for ways to improve the process, and speed up the drawing creation. Thomas has been a tremendous help this summer.”

– Josh Muench, Technical Engineering Manager


About Thomas

 Where are you from?
Ceresco, NE

What school are you attending?
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

After graduation what is your dream job and what state would you like to be in?
I would love to work for a fun job involving circuit design, living in northeastern Nebraska

Do you have a secret skill?
I can build computers, I have built 2 gaming PC’s; I like to run around 10 miles every week.

Favorite Quote:
“Stupid Is As Stupid Does” – Forrest Gump

Favorite book, T.V. show, or movie:
LOTR books and movies

Anything else you would like to share about yourself?
I’ve known that I wanted to be an Electrical Engineer since all the way back in 5th grade.

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